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Vigyaan- VardaanYa Abhishaap

Category: Short Films

Channel: Astha

Telecast Date: 29/12/2012 to 29/12/2012

Telecast Time: 21:30 to 22:00

Duration: 30 Min.

Speaker Name: Ye kaha aa gaye ham

Media Type: VCD

Price: 100.00


Vigyaan- VardaanYaAbhishaap' is the first from the series of 'Ye KahaAa Gaye Hum'. In this episode we will see that technology and science is blessing if used correctly, or else it can become a curse.

This is a story of a group of young boys who emotionally blackmail their parents for mobile & computer in the name of studies and then misuse them for unnecessary chatting, messaging, continuously talking, at the cost of studies, to the extreme that one day two of the boys get arrested for sending threat message through computer to one of their acquaintances. This changes their mindset and they realize their follies.

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