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Category: Short Films

Channel: Astha

Telecast Date: 01/09/2012 to 01/09/2012

Telecast Time: 21:30 to 22:00

Duration: 30 Min.

Speaker Name: Ye kaha aa gaye ham

Media Type: VCD

Price: 100.00


“March” which is about the pressure children are facing today from their parents for topping the exams. But they forget that every child has its own capacity and interest, and if not handled carefully and properly the child can even opt for suicide out of sheer pressure to compete.

March is a story of Madhu, a ten year boy whose interest lies in music but his father wants him to become topper in his class and constantly pressurizes him as the month of march, which is a month of exams, is nearing. Madhu can not take the pressure & stress and even contemplates suicide, finally his mother understands his situation and also makes his father understand that a child is not here for completing their parent’s unfulfilled ambitions.

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